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Railholiday News Blog

On this page you will find snippets of what we are doing here at Railholiday. The intention is to update it weekly but at times it may be "dreckly"! For more on what we are doing you could also take a look at our social media feeds.
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The Old Luggage Van is undergoing some major works on the far end and the path side ahead of a very busy season. Jan 22 OLV repairs to outside

Railholiday feature in a new BBC feature on quirky places to stay. You can see it here.

Great News! Railholiday have won the self-catering section of the iPaper Travel Awards 2021. You can watch the awards by clicking here.

If you haven't yet seen Railholiday in Tim Dunn's excellent series The Architecture the Railways Built on TV you can now watch it online. Tim says: "As you might know, I’m also the Travel Editor for Trainline (the UK’s largest train ticket retailer)… so I’ve written this dedicated page about the episode on our Trainline site."

Harvey is treated to a new set of curtains made by Dave and Kaf. April 2021 Harvey - New Curtains Harvey - New Curtains
Royal Coach - Paint stripping is progressing well in the London Lounge of the Royal Coach. Repairs to the structure under the windows are underway. Many of the Anaglypta ceiling panels are missing and so GRP moulds have been taken from the best remaining ones to reproduce them. 20th February 2021
Royal Coach - London lounge ceiling panel Royal Coach - ceiling panel mould

Harvey features on the BBC's Escape to the Country this week (1st week of February 2021).

Railholiday feature on Tim Dunn's The Architecture the Railways Built on Yesterday at 8:00pm on Tuesday 26th January

December 2020. Work starts in earnest on the Royal Coach.

The life expired canvas roof covering was removed and the non-original hardboard false ceiling taken down.
Original ceiling panel revealed Hardboard false ceiling removed Royal Coach stripping old roof covering Royal Coach worst side

Repairs and repainting trackside of the TPO - November 2020

Preparatory work begins for the royal coach project

Dave and John scaffolding royal coach

Repairs and repainting of the Old Luggage Van in July 2020

The time stamps on these pics are 14:56 and 15:47 - guests arrived just after 16:00!
Old Luggage Van repairs to garden side - July 2020 Old Luggage Van repairs to garden side - July 2020

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