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Carbon Offsetting

If you arrive by train, bus, bike, sailing boat or on foot (all of these are possible, both St Germans and Hayle are well connected) we will knock £50 off your holiday! In the spirit of reduced holiday miles, we also offer the same discount for anyone with a Devon or Cornwall postcode.

However we understand arriving by public transport is not possible for everyone, so if we can't tempt you away from your car (or you are doubly green) we also offer the option to offset your holiday carbon use. For £25 we will plant a tree for you, or a number of tree saplings, or create and maintain three metres of wildlife hedge.If you would like a particular sort of tree, then please let us know.

We pledge that all trees are planted in addition to our normal planting programme. We have also pledged as a business to develop our natural environment each year to ensure our land is rewarding to nature for many years to come. From 2021 we made the decision to match fund any tree donations, and these additional funds will be spent on general tree and hedge planting schemes.

Thank you tree champions! - your donations have paid for a community orchard in St Germans as part of the rejuvenation of the recreation ground (The Rec). They have been under-sown with wildflower seeds and will provide valuable nectar for pollinators, food for birds and villagers and pleasure for all. In the autumn of 2021 we pledged money towards a community tree planting scheme at Moor Barton on Dartmoor. We have been also been offered a parcel of land locally to plant more trees in for the 2022-23 season, which we intend to populate with a mixture of fast growing, carbon sequestering trees and some chosen for wildlife value.

If you know of a community scheme that would benefit from a donation of trees, do please contact us. We are particularly keen to plant community orchards.

As part of our endeavour to grow the environment we have planted hedge whips and self sown apple trees along the border at Colgear woods. In 2021 we also planted over 250 mixed hawthorn and wildlife hedging whips at Cuttivett, 100 oak trees and a mixture of Rowan, Service Trees, Sweet Chestnut, Walnut, Beech and Silver Birch at Colgear Woods, to make for a greater broadleaf mix. In the spring of 2022 we continued our planting with a further 140 trees including wildlife friendly species of oak, birch, lime, maple, dogwood and rowan and twenty eucalyptus chosen for their carbon sequestration qualities. We also planted a small orchard of eight apple and pear trees in memory of our friend Dean.

This page is updated annually after the planting season. If you have donated a tree but are not yet listed, please check again in a year’s time! This page was last updated in May 22.

Railholiday Tree Champions

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