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Contact Railholiday by email at office@railholiday.co.uk or by phone on (+44) 01503 230783. For booking queries please leave a message on the office answerphone or call Lizzy on 07776 261192.

Our postal address is Haparanda Station, St Germans, Saltash, Cornwall, PL12 5LU.

About Railholiday

Want to know how our staff help us in our quest to be green? Scroll down the page or follow this link to find out.

Railholiday began rescuing derelict carriages and converting them into holiday accommodation in 1996 - the story behind the business can be read on our Railholiday History Page. Since the early days our team has grown to become a multi talented and varied one. Here are our core staff;

David and Lizzy Stroud - company directors and their children, Walter and Poppy.

Lizzy is a musician by trade. Having discovered that a Music and English degree does not offer the protection against gainful employment she had originally hoped, she now heads the areas of marketing, environmental growth and gardening. Dave is an engineer by trade, originally having his own business in agricultural machinery design and construction. He is now in charge of the conversion work, accounts and practicals. Dave does the construction side of the website, while Lizzy deals with content. Together as a hobby they play in the band Wurlitza and add live soundtracks to silent films. Walter (17) is a student at Saltash.net and helps with accounts, while Poppy (14) can be relied upon to create beautiful Christmas cards and great videos. You can read more about our green journey here.

The St Germans Team

From left to right below; John Stroud is our most senior member, chief paint stripper and up-cycler, as well as photographer. With a great knowledge of organic plant care Lil Lanyon is our Friday gardener but her talents include book making, so she also gets drawn into mail shots and card making. Ben is our apprentice. He has been coming on holiday with us since the age of four and on work experience since he was twelve. Ben has now moved from Immingham to work with us permanently and is being trained up in all areas of practical work. Melissa is Ben’s partner and joins us on Friday for pasty lunch with baby Elliot.

John Lil Lanyon Ben Patrick Melissa

Nicki Watts (Lizzy's sister) is in charge of keeping the carriages spick and span, but can also put her hand to almost anything else, from digger driving to window frame construction. Frankie Lister (Lizzy's Mum) has had years of experience as an environmental advisor and helps to guide the business in green affairs, as well as keeping us stocked with delicious Cornish Apple juice. With Tony Lister (Lizzy's Dad) they also run Kerensa Aval Cornish Apple Juice. Tony gets involved on a practical level, making fences, delivering dung and keeping Mevy's vegetable patch stocked.

Nicki Watts Frankie Lister Tony Lister

Since our neice Tamsin West, pictured in the staff party photo above, left for university, we have had the multi-talented Emily helping Lizzy in the office for a few hours each week. Kath Revell will set her hand to any task asigned, from stuffing envelopes to filling and painting. Kath also keeps the staff healthy with her weekly Tai Chi sessions. Ruby is Kath’s daughter and helps out during the university holidays.

Emily Kath Revell Ruby

The Hayle Team

Absent from the gathering is our wonderful caretaker in Hayle Bob Lewis. Bob is truly reliable and helpful, sorting out any problems that arise and making sure everything is right for our guests when they arrive in Harvey.

The Railholiday Support Team

While these are our core staff, there are many others who help along the way, and several local tradespeople without whom we would struggle, including Ben Patrick, our wonderful work experience lad of several years, Paul Ager; Blacksmith, Richard Elliott; electrician, Jacqui Gratton; marketing advisor, Dave Lock; landscape gardener, Paul and Selina Luscombe Luscombe Upholstery Lara Kleckham; environmental advisor, Mike Eastment; plumber, Brian Hoskin; artist, Katy Havelock; sign writer and Irene Vidal Cal, who has been producing fabulous artwork for us under the Falmouth University postgraduate placement scheme. In addition we have numerous friends who help us out when deadlines loom, to whom we are always very grateful! Pictured below are a few of these many helpers at a party we held to celebrate completing Mevy.

How our staff help keep us green

We are a very small company that is very much in the community, and recruit by word of mouth people suited for the job who could be open to sharing an interest in green issues. Below are a few ways we keep our staff green.
  • We pay our staff well. Our staff are all paid well above the living wage. This ensures that we have a mutual respect for each other and that they are open to our ideas.
  • We involve our staff with decisions. At the moment our cleaner in St Germans is trying out different green cleaning products and it will be up to her which we use.
  • We listen to our staff. If something doesn’t work for them, we seek alternatives that do.
  • We employ locally, to reduce work miles. Wherever possible our staff commute by train. We are lucky to live in an area with a supply of talented people.
  • In St Germans we hold an informal pasty lunch meeting on Fridays, and all have crib (Cornish for mid morning and afternoon refreshments) together, so there is an open forum for discussing green issues.
  • We choose gardeners who have a good knowledge of plant management without sprays and who are open to organic and drought resistance planting scheme. Our most recent employee, our gardener at Hayle, was chosen because he also has an interested in recyled driftwood garden sculpture.
  • We encourage our staff to bring their own sustainable skills to the table; hence one of our staff holds a post lunch Tai Chi session on a Friday to promote staff well-being.
  • We try to set systems in place so that the green option is the obvious one and choose staff who we feel will follow our ethos towards sustainability. We listen to them if they feel a product is not effective and look for alternatives.
  • As a company we attend environmental events, including the Climate Change March in London 2015 (pictured below).
  • We take on apprentices in order to train the next generation.Our long term apprentice Ben started formally with us in September 2015 and we have equipped him with safety equipment and sent him on a chainsaw course so that he can assist in the woodland.
  • As Environmental Co-ordinator, Lizzy constantly evaluates our business and looks at ways in which we can become more sustainable. These are fed back to the team.
    • Climate Change march 2015 Climate change March London 2015 Climate Change March London 2015


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